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Hey ladies, I am already a Fan of all of your pages!!  Now lets get everyone else in here!!  My hubby is in one of these groups and folks Like each others pages that they really like.  I figure we all like green so this should be a wonderful way to get some genuine likes!!



All about Coffee!! :-) 100% Natural Coffee! Yum!

I just deleted my post because apparently hardly anyone here knows how to network properly. By liking other peoples FB pages doesn't mean to go and spam your link on each one of their pages! This wasn't done by just one person either. Think some people need a course in networking. If you're going to spam all my walls, id rather you not 'like' them.
Sorry Tara!  I will post a note about politely liking any of these pages that are of interest but refraining from sharing links.
There's a way of networking and blatantly posting ads on walls of people you Iike isn't it...3 people did it, which shows that more people need social media etiquette classes lol
Thanks Tara.  Maybe you should offer hourly Facebook Best Practices consulting to clients.  I know that is one area I am just learning about as I have a new page.

I actually do offer setting people up on Facebook, Twitter..posting updates for them, promoting them and training them... http://www.willpostforyou.com has all those services listed..

That's what I'm doing with a roofing company right now...training their guys how to use Twitter & Facebook :)

Great Tara!!

From the research I've done on this subject, the usual "acceptable" way to comment on a fan page is to 1) "like" from your personal profile, because FB does not count biz page likes; 2) use the "@biz fan page" in your comment, so your own fan page is linked; BUT 3) don't put a full link to your fan page in your comment, because the preview pops up and looks like an ad; and 4) ALWAYS respond to comments from new fans on your fan page. :)


Tara, because of your comment above, after liking your fan page, I did post on your page, but I did not leave any type of link, since I didn't want you to think I was spamming you -- not my intent!


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