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You are right!  Balloons, like all natural latex material, biodegrades... and you can put them into your compost bin with food waste and plant material, and over a year or two, they will rot down into humus.  You can also compost rubber bands, 'Marigold' gloves and latex condoms, even perished hot water bottles... cut into strips. You don't need to worry about the colours, as the dyes are also biodegradable.

As a side note, put the balloons in a separate compost bin from your from post for  food.

Not sure I understand this... but no, put the balloons on the same compost bin as food and plant material.  Many people have just one compost bin anyway, so the advice (from a professional!) is to chuck it in, and not worry too much about it!  Anything which doesn't biodegrade, such as some string which may be attached to the balloon, will be obvious when you dig out the rich dark humus, and you'll be able to remove the plastic rubbish and bin it.

Thanks got it!

Hey all!!  Just a note to make sure you all know that it is easy to customize all of your thumbnails on your pages.  It is a great way to really stand out from the crowd and customize your page to your branding.

Also, it is now possible to change the name of your fanpage if you have always wanted to. 

Finally, make sure to put your web address first in the about section so that it will show up easily to people on your main page.  

Have a good one!! 


Thanks Charlotte!!


Just need a few likes please :)

Hey the link did not work!  How are you????


Sorry here is the correct link :)

And all is well with me and the fam.  Our little one just turned 2, so been having lots of fun birthday activities.




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