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Starting New Project "Pray for Syria"

From 19th of Oct I came to Taiwan for giving a lecture to the Taiwan local people especially “Young Generation.

There are several reasons to come back to the country.

*1. The biggest reason is for gathering the donation to Syria I came to Taiwan holing the lecture meeting. Why I started the lecture meeting from Taiwan?? Because Taiwan even there is 13 different minority people exist in island but they make a Peace in “Taiwan”! And all my way toward London for spreading the message Taiwan people supported a lot. There are full of spirit of Peace, therefore I thought from Taiwan, send the message of Encouragement or message of Peace, or sending the donation it’s quite suitable to do the actions from Taiwan.

*2 The another reason is for expressing my appreciation to Taiwanese I came back here. As I told in above all my way toward London, several time cooperating with Taiwanese I could do the activities for spread the message of Peace.
For Ex ) In Vietnam, Taiwanese had been gathering the money for donation to the “ECO BAGS” for Eco Club in Ho Chi Minh, and through the ECO BAG we could raise the donation for Orphanages. More over every month using a column in a magazine I could spread the message local Taiwanese. It was just one of the parts of supporting.
Since 2009 not only Material but also mentally they supported all my actions toward Peace. For my appreciation, I came back here for giving much more hope to young generation of Taiwan!

This time I focus on the young generation to giving a lecture..
Therefore I might not be able to gather the so many donations to Syria. But! Through the lecture meeting, both side of people Syria, and Taiwan the people could feel the Hope, ”The HOPE” named of Humanity!! And I believe that both side we could encourage and inspire the people especially for young generation!

From 23rd of Oct, I started to give a lecture to young generation. I already felt students and children’s pure heart that they were really worry about “Syria” wishing the Syria people all the best!!!

Until December I go around Taiwan for express my appreciation and for gathering the donation to Syria through my more than 10times lecture meeting to local community and schools.
Lastly I want to express my appreciation to the Rebecca Chen who arranging the Lecture Trip and more over I would express my greeting to MY DEAREST SYRIA FRIEND! I always be with you guys in SYRIA!!

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Comment by Shane Shirley-Smith, Admin. on October 30, 2012 at 4:11am

Keep it up Yuji!  We love you!

Comment by Yuji Miyata on October 29, 2012 at 8:14pm

Almost everyday I heard the news of "real voice" from my Syria friend.. It was much harder situation than the news.. Now I couldn't do anything for the country unfortunately...

But through my action for Peace I believe that young generation could feel & understand how important Peace, and Syria people also could get an encouragement from my action!
More over when everything is ok, I bring the donation to Syria for building the Libriy for young generation inorder to keep them hope for their country. This is my "Pray for Syria" Project!

Not only Syria people but also its for world young generation 
I try to plant peace seed in their hearts!  

Comment by Shane Shirley-Smith, Admin. on October 29, 2012 at 4:12am

With more bad news out of Syria last week, you couldn't be in a better place to bring peace.

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